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Ein Projekt des Vereins für Kunst und Ausgleich




People who live in proximity - be it a neighbourhood, city or country - share indefinite commonalities. Within the context of our globally-oriented world, nationality and societal tradition define an adherence to conventionalism and neither are sustainable.

Die Labile Botschaft was founded as a platform that opposes increasing cries for renationalisation. Being situated in the heart of Vienna’s embassy district, the Botschaft acts as an advocate for a culture of diversity and therefore counteracts the model of a static nation with standard modes of representation.

As well as implementing artistic methods to investigate the contested topic of belonging, the ambassadors are making formal applications for the same legal status, immunities and equal privileges as their neighbouring embassies.

With or without invitation, they aim to be part of diplomatic events in order to share their research with governmental bodies and be officially recognised as representatives of the state of lability.

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